VisEn Medical expands FMT imaging platform

November 03, 2017

According to the authors of the article even a 1% reduction in the consumption of trans fats in terms of total energy intake by the population would result in the prevention of 11,000 heart attacks and 7,000 deaths in England alone.

Barbara Gallani, director of food safety and science at the Food and Drink Federation, said "We agree that it is important to maintain a healthily balanced diet in which trans-fats are consumed within the safe levels recommended by the FSA and that is why artificial trans-fats have been virtually eliminated from processed foods in the UK."

Victoria Taylor, senior heart health dietician at the British Heart Foundation, felt that the voluntary measures to cut out industrial trans fats by the fast food manufacturing industry had helped control the UK TFAs consumption. "This is good progress but we still need to do more to make sure that the industrially produced trans-fats don't creep back into our nation's diets." she said.