Patients prescribed medication for long term illness rapidly stop taking their medicines

April 06, 2017

Doctors are not short of ideas that could easily be put into practice. The BMA would urge the Government to involve doctors when making decisions on how new money for the NHS should be spent.

On launching the A to Z of Doctors Making a Difference, Mr James Johnson, BMA Chairman said: "We take you through the letters of the alphabet to highlight the innovative approaches doctors are taking to improve services for their patients. What is clear from these examples is that doctors are not standing still and accepting the status quo. They are continually searching for new ways to give patients faster and more accessible high quality diagnosis and treatment.

"A recurring theme throughout the report is how much more doctors could do for their patients with extra resources. The NHS has benefited from significant investment in recent years but only sustained and targeted funding will ensure that any new money delivers further improvements.

"We urge the Government to talk to doctors not accountants. We've got good examples of what works and doctors are eager to explore new ways of delivering high quality care for patients. Doctors must be involved in deciding on how any new money for the NHS should be spent."

The A to Z of Doctors Making a Difference can be accessed on the BMA website at bma/ap.nsf/Content/AtoZofDocs