New report describes state of lupus research, impact of disease and barriers to care

October 13, 2017

It also documents the need for health education efforts, noting that "until researchers discover a cure or new ways of identifying at-risk individuals as well as diagnosing and treating lupus, educating health care professionals about the importance of early diagnosis and teaching patients how to manage and cope with lupus provides the best opportunity for improving quality of life for patients and for controlling morbidity and mortality."

"We are delighted that a wide spectrum of federal agencies and leading medical, research, and health organizations across the country will now collaborate on this crucial health education program," said LRI President Margaret G. Dowd. "The program rollout began with a kick-off meeting last week in Atlanta hosted by the ACR." 

The LRI National Coalition is committed to ongoing advocacy leadership in advancing additional federal funding for this crucial national lupus education program, she added.

"This National Lupus Health Education Program is a hallmark event in a 10-year effort by LRI National Coalition members to bring attention to the issues of racial disparity and support to the needs of people with lupus, particularly those in underserved communities," said Dowd.

SOURCE Lupus Research Institute