Nearly 50% of adult U.S. population at risk from heart disease

November 06, 2017

The study found African Americans to be the group with the highest proportion of hypertension. 42% of the blacks had the condition compared to 29% whites and 26% Mexican Americans. The whites were the most likely to have high cholesterol while the Mexican Americans were most likely to suffer from diabetes.

The African Americans were also more likely to have a combination of two out of the three conditions. The data comes from the ongoing National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey that releases new figures every two years.

"This report is so timely and important because it crystallizes exactly what the burden is," Dr Clyde Yancy said. "It tells us the challenge we now face that could stress and potentially defeat any healthcare system we could come up with."

The way to deal with the impending crisis seems to be taking more personal responsibility for your health. "This trio begins with a quartet of smoking, a junk diet, physical inactivity and obesity. Those are all things we can do something about." Said Dr Yancy.