IMF to stage presentation on multiple myeloma at ASH annual meeting

March 21, 2017

Multiple myeloma setting the stage for new treatments for a range of cancers: REVLIMID, developed for use in myeloma and also approved for use in myelodysplastic syndromes or MDS, is now the subject of Phase III studies in a variety of cancers including diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, and pivotal studies in mantle cell lymphoma. (#206, #944, #1676, #1679) Likewise VELCADE is approved in mantle cell lymphoma and is also the subject of Phase II studies in follicular lymphoma that will be presented at ASH. (#933, #1661)

Scientific underpinnings of side effects and predicting outcome from the International Myeloma Working Group and the IMF gene back, Bank On A Cure?: One of the studies suggests a combination of chromosome abnormalities coupled with stage of the disease is a better predictor of outcome when evaluated together than either factor alone. (#743) A second study finds specific genetic changes may be responsible for side effects of treatment such as neuropathy, making it possible to build a data base that anticipates adverse events. (#1800)

Multiple myeloma is a cancer of cells in the bone marrow that affects production of blood cells and can damage bone. Myeloma affects an estimated 750,000 people worldwide, and in industrialized countries it is being diagnosed in growing numbers and in increasingly younger people.