i3 completes acquisition of ChinaGate

November 17, 2017

The ChinaGate executive team, led by Chiu and Managing Director Janice Ma, will continue in their roles as ChinaGate integrates with i3's Clinical Development Services group.

Market Opportunities in China

Global life science companies are increasingly turning to China to establish major research and development (R&D) capabilities and product development services. By 2020, China is targeting an investment of 2.5 percent of GDP into pharmaceutical R&D, putting China into a range comparable with that of the United States.

As disease patterns and prevalence in the Chinese population have begun to resemble those of the West, 75 percent of China's total drug development pipeline is now in i3's areas of therapeutic specialization, including oncology, central nervous system diseases, infectious disease, cardiovascular disease and endocrine/metabolic conditions.

i3 and ChinaGate global customers will benefit from enhanced capabilities. Whether customers seek a functional outsourcing relationship or require full-scale CRO services, i3 will be able to meet their needs more effectively and efficiently. ChinaGate's office in Shanghai is near the Shanghai R&D Park, where the substantial majority of i3's customers with operations in China are located.

SOURCE UnitedHealth Group