Group Health Research Institute to receive federal stimulus funds from ARRA

September 22, 2017

Diana Miglioretti, PhD, senior investigator, and Diana S.M. Buist, PhD, MPH, associate investigator: which conventional and cutting-edge breast cancer imaging techniques are most effective given individual demographics and risk factors ($4 million) Diana S.M. Buist, PhD, MPH, associate investigator: improving screening for colorectal and cervical cancer-and participation in these screenings ($4 million) Diana Miglioretti, PhD, senior investigator: forming a large new national multidisciplinary scientific collaboration to evaluate digital vs. film-screen mammography ($491,000) Beverly B. Green, MD, MPH, affiliate investigator: using electronic medical records and Web-based care to help overweight or obese patients who have uncontrolled blood pressure and are at risk for cardiovascular disease ($1 million); ways to improve rates of colorectal cancer screening ($466,000) Greg Simon, MD, MPH, senior investigator; effective treatment for depression care ($1 million) David Carrell, PhD, analyst/programmer: using "natural language processing" software to mine research-quality data from clinical text ($992,000) Carolyn M. Rutter, PhD, senior investigator: effects of screening and polypectomy on colorectal cancer commonness and death rates ($223,000) Jennifer McClure, PhD, associate investigator: outcomes of a program to promote the oral health of people quitting smoking ($448,000) Denise Boudreau, PhD, assistant investigator: how many women use and how many quit using the drug tamoxifen and aromatase inhibitor drugs for breast cancer ($320,000) Margaret T. Mandelson, PhD, associate investigator: environmental and genetic factors that may cause cancer of the pancreas ($95,000)

These Group Health researchers are taking part in ARRA-funded projects where Group Health is a subcontractor to another institution (dollars amounts are two-year awards to Group Health):

Diana S.M. Buist, PhD, MPH, associate investigator: effectiveness of cancer screening (mammography and MRI to ultrasound, PET-CT, and blood- or tissue-based biomarkers) to determine extent of disease and plan treatment ($641,000) Ed Wagner, MD, MPH, senior investigator, and Paul Fishman, PhD, associate investigator: effectiveness and costs of treating advanced cancer; patterns and outcomes of cancer care in populations not covered by Medicare ($320,000) Karen J. Sherman, PhD, MPH, senior investigator: how alternative treatment for muscle and bone problems affects health care quality, use, and costs ($623,000) Katherine M. Newton, PhD, senior investigator: risk factors for atrial fibrillation, the common irregular heartbeat ($246,000); establishing the nation's largest surveillance system for cardiovascular disease among approximately 11 million members of health plans nationwide ($353,000) Erin J. Aiello Bowles, MPH, research associate: measures of breast cancer surgical quality ($149,000)

Source: Group Health Cooperative Center for Health Studies