Even modest weight loss brings many health benefits

November 04, 2017

Thus these researchers believe that instead of dietary supplements and antioxidants more focus should be on losing weight in a healthy way to keep harmful immune responses at bay.

There has been another interesting finding from this study. ???It??s the first time this has been described and is important because it helps us understand why some people lose weight more easily than others, and that inflammation is involved in regulating the response to bariatric surgery,??? said Samaras. She expressed her happiness at the findings saying, "I was heartened by it, deeply heartened I must say, because most people struggle so much to lose any amount of weight and here we can show a profound benefit with even a small weight reduction??.People are spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each year buying antioxidants and taking fish oils and all sorts of other things which are supposed to have anti-inflammatory action??A little bit of calorie restriction and a modest amount of weight reduction will have a profound benefit."

Professor Samaras also emphasized on the need for staying within normal weight from the first and avoid becoming obese for the general population.