Comprehensive analysis of the Chinese pharma sector

September 18, 2017

This report answers important questions such as:

??? What are the highest-selling drug types in China and how will their sales develop from 2009 onwards?

??? How will the healthcare stimulus affect sales of diabetes medicines by 2014?

??? Which companies are investing in China? What types of investments are they making?

??? What is China??s scientific and technological expertise like?

??? What domestic pharma companies are making promising developments, and what do their business models suggest about China's pharma industry?

??? What does China??s research and development landscape look like for pharma?

??? Why is China such an important research and development environment for stem cells technologies?

??? What is the generic drug penetration in China? How will market shares for original-branded and generic drugs change from 2009 onwards?

??? Why are clinical trials moving to China, and how will that market develop?

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Chinese Pharmaceutical Market Outlook 2009-2024 will provide your company with the information it needs to understand this dynamic and rapidly-expanding pharma market. This report will give you the qualitative and quantitative information you need to assess the Chinese pharmaceutical market, to understand its likely future behaviour, including regulatory, social and developmental complexities.