Centering Healthcare Institute receives the Cares Award for its CenteringPregnancy Group Prenatal Care program

April 12, 2017

Every Child Succeeds (ECS) is a home visitation program helping at-risk families ensure an optimal start for their young children. ECS provides home visits for first-time mothers who are young, low-income, single and/or receiving inadequate prenatal care ?? factors that tend to put their children at higher risk for delayed development, inadequate ongoing medical care, abuse, neglect and poor academic achievement. Home visits start during a mother??s pregnancy and continue through the child??s third birthday, allowing for long-term relationship building and support for all major developmental stages of the child. Since 1999, ECS has served more than 15,000 families in Greater Cincinnati through more than 300,000 home visits.

Center for Life - CenteringPregnancy? Program, Washington, DC (www.provhosp/centerflife.htm)

In June 2007, the Center for Life at Providence Hospital began using the CenteringPregnancy? model of healthcare delivery, which identifies low-risk maternity patients between 16 and 20 weeks of pregnancy with estimated due dates within four weeks of each other, inviting them to participate in a group session format. Pregnant women from vulnerable backgrounds are able to access healthcare, education and support, which increase healthy birth outcomes. Over the past two years, 467 women participated in the program. Only 5 percent of babies were born prematurely compared to the U.S. preterm delivery rate of 12.7 percent and Washington, DC, rate of 15.9 percent. Four percent of the babies were low birth weight (LBW) compared to the DC LBW rate of 11.1 percent.

Good NEWS for a Better LIFE of Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Azle and Good NEWS, Azle, Texas (www.texashealth/betterlife)

Good NEWS for a Better LIFE was created in 2006 as a product of two programs serving the well (senior volunteer caregivers providing social support services such as telephone calls, visits, shopping assistance, minor home repair, yard work, chore services and transportation to hundreds of other senior citizens) and the frail (those seniors who need health education, screenings, exercise and healthcare). Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Azle and Good NEWS work together to promote healthy lifestyles and injury prevention while creating vital lifelines into senior??s homes, enabling them to thrive rather than endure the hardships of isolation. Since 2007, only three people have been discharged from Good NEWS to a nursing home, with six current participants over the age of 90 living at home independently.

SOURCE Centering Healthcare Institute