Benefits and underutilization of ITB therapy for multiple sclerosis

April 21, 2017

According to survey results within the research summary, 84 percent of patients with MS reported at least some symptoms of spasticity, with 30 percent reporting moderate to severe symptoms. Of the 13 percent of MS patients who may be candidates for ITB therapy, only 1 percent of patients stated they were receiving the therapy. However, current data indicate that ITB therapy effectively and significantly reduces severe spasticity in ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients with MS.

The expert panel noted that the main barrier to the use of ITB therapy is that many physicians do not present ITB as a therapeutic option that is safe, effective and well-tolerated. This often occurs due to a lack of physician understanding of quality of life issues caused by spasticity, potential ITB benefits and appropriate patient selection, as well as their focus on disease-modifying therapies rather than symptom control.

"This article is a very powerful analysis of the need for greater consideration of ITB therapy by clinicians who manage MS," said Tom Tefft, senior vice president and president of the Neuromodulation business at Medtronic. "We are hopeful that this paper will encourage more physicians to offer the therapy to appropriate patients."

SOURCE Medtronic, Inc.